Downtown Los Angeles has experienced a renaissance in the last 10 years that is nothing short of spectacular.The arts district in particular has experienced a revamp with many artisans and businesses taking advantage of the exposed brick spaces and tastefully rusted structures.  There is a vibrance in the air and the residents, designers and merchants have shown an appreciation of real materials and a look that is uniquely L.A.

This is the Manuala Restaurant in the Hauser & Wirth building at907 E 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90013

Their use of the exposed beams and industrial space makes the dining experience refreshing.  They even have a garden with chickens and fresh organic vegetables growing around the corner.  Here are a lot more cool pics of this modern space.

Across the way from the restaurant there is a free art museum behind the landscaping

People dining by the bar and inside the main restaurant

Here is a chicken coop where the animals are treated humanely and a cool vegetable garden

At the edge of the courtyard is a cool mural on the wall

Another cool view of the exposed beams and vertical landscaping in the courtyard

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